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Job position postings provided on the Connecticut Society for Healthcare Risk Management (CSHRM) website are for informational purposes only and are offered as a free service to its members. Any company interested in posting a position may complete the Classified Ad Posting form found in the menu.  The position will be posted on the CSHRM website for ninety (90) days or until the position has been filled, whichever comes first. Kindly notify us when the position had been filled. The position must be in the healthcare risk management or related field.  If you have any questions regarding your ad, please contact [email protected]


The Connecticut Society for Healthcare Risk Management (CSHRM) accepts requests for postings of job opportunities on its website. These postings are for informational purposes only and are offered as a service to its members or others that visit the CSHRM website. CSHRM is not seeking applications for employment itself nor is it involved in any manner in the hiring processes or practices for those job opportunities. CSHRM has no knowledge of any aspects of the positions listed and accepts no liability or responsibility relative to these listings. CSHRM does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of information provided in this (these) job position posting(s). CSHRM is not directly affiliated nor does it endorse any of the companies that provide this (these) job position postings.

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